Deckorators Deck Cost Guide

Deckorators Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide

This installation and price guide will give you a comprehensive overview of the Deckorators Composite Decking, products, and cost of materials and installation. Deckorators decks generally average between $5,700 to $12,800 depending on the size of the deck and the style of the materials used. This is one of the more affordable decking brands available.

When Deckorators aluminum railing is included, costs might be higher. We cover all Deckorators decking prices including deck railing and other accessories below.

Here is an overview of Deckorators composite decking prices.

New Deckorators Deck Installed Cost
Deckorators Product Average Cost (Installed) Deck Budget Level
Deckorators Distressed, Tropics $5,700 – $8,500 Low
Deckorators Trailhead, Frontier, Vault $7,950 – $12,000 Medium
Deckorators Vista, Voyage $8,750 – $12,800 High-Premium
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The deck cost table and other Deckorators deck prices in this guide give you a chance to compare costs with other leading deck brands like AZEK, Fiberon and Trex.

About Deckorators Composite Decking

All Deckorators Decking ranges are made from composite material, making it extremely durable and very low-maintenance. Deckorators Decking will not splinter, sag, or crack and is stain- and fade-resistant. Boards are also manufactured not to rot or mildew.

Materials: The Deckorators Voyage, Vault, and Frontier collections are made with patented mineral-based composite technology, which provides the industry’s best strength-to-weight ratio and experiences virtually no expansion or contraction due to outdoor temperature change.

The Vista, Trailhead, and Tropics deck lines are a wood and plastic composite. Deckorators decking also carries several deck accessories including deck railings, post caps, and lighting, along with porch decking and boat and dock decking.

Decking Styles

Deckorators composite decking features seven lines of decking, each with unique features to mimic the look and feel of real wood.

Deckorators Voyage Decking

The Deckorators Voyage collection is available in five colors and three widths for a truly custom look. Voyage is extremely strong but nearly 35% lighter than wood deck boards. It also features enhanced traction, making it ideal to install on or near water. Voyage won the 2019 Golden Hammer Award from Hardware and Building Supply Dealer for being an innovative and valuable home improvement product.

Deckorators Voyage Deck Colors
Deckorators Voyage Deck Colors

Deckorators Vault Decking

Deckorators Vault decking can also be installed on the ground or in water, so it is ideal for pool decking. Available in two colors with a flat-grain design, Vault is lightweight and stable.
Frontier decking comes in two non-variegated colors for a more traditional look. Frontier can also be installed in or near water.

Deckorators Vault Deck Colors
Deckorators Vault Deck Colors

Deckorators Trailhead Decking

The Deckorators Trailhead collection, Deckorators newest line, features a distressed, rustic look to add character to your backyard. The embossed pattern doesn’t repeat for at least a foot for a natural appearance and is available in three rich colors.

Deckorators Trailhead Deck Colors
Deckorators Trailhead Deck Colors

Deckorators Vista Decking

The four variegated colors of Vista decking are manufactured to look like exotic hardwoods. The boards feature a highly textured grain pattern and two different widths.

Deckorators Vista Deck Colors
Deckorators Vista Deck Colors

Deckorators Tropics Decking

Tropics decking comes in two colors featuring natural-looking wood grain to resemble tropical hardwoods.

Deckorators Tropics Deck Colors
Deckorators Tropics Deck Colors

Distressed decking is made with a rich texture, which not only gives the boards added traction but also creates a real-wood look.

Deckorators Distressed Deck Colors
Deckorators Distressed Deck Colors

Would you like to see what a Deckorators deck would look like in your backyard? Use Deckorators’ Deck Visualizer a try!

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Decking Board Sizes

Board dimensions are standard for the industry. Called 1” boards in casual conversation, their “nominal” thickness is 7/8”. You’ve got a selection of board widths in some of the series.

Width really does make a difference in the look of the deck. The general thought is that wide boards, like the 7.25” Voyage boards, have a rustic appearance.

The 5.5” boards in all the series are the most common width in the industry, so it’s the “standard” decking look. The 3.5” boards available in a couple lines provide a more contemporary look.

Deck Style Widths Length Thickness
Voyage 3.5″, 5.5″, 7.25″ 12′, 16′, 20″ 7/8″
Vault 5.5″ 12′, 16′, 20″ 7/8″
Frontier 5.5″ 12′, 16′, 20″ 7/8″
Trailhead 5.5″ 12′, 16′, 20″ 7/8″
Vista 3.5″, 5.5″ 12′, 16′, 20″ 7/8″
Tropics 5.5″ 8′, 12′, 16″ 7/8″
Distressed 5.5″ 8′, 12′, 16″ 7/8″

Pro Tip: The narrower the boards, the higher the deck installation cost. If you use 3.5” boards, about twice as many planks will be used compared with using 7.25” planks.

Deckorators Voyage line is the only line with 7.25” boards. Of the major brands we’ve reviewed, AZEK is the only other brand with boards this wide.

All the lines have a 5.5” option, which again, is the most common width across the industry. All the leading brands sell planks this width in most or all of their collections.

Voyage and Vista are your two options if you’d like the modern-looking 3.5” boards.

Deckorators Deck Board Prices Plus Accessories

The Deckorators decking is available in a wide range of prices. Overall, Deckorators decking is more affordable than other premium decking lines.

Here are the prices for the deck boards only. Pricing does not include the pressure-treated substructure, fascia, deck railing or other accessories. Beware of sites that give just board pricing. It tells you very little about the total cost of materials – and it certainly says nothing about installed cost.

We cover both. This board pricing guide allows for head-to-head comparisons with other brands we’ve reviewed or brands you’re researching elsewhere.

Deck Style Cost per linnear ft. Cost per square ft.
Deckorators Voyage $4.50 – $5.25 $9.00 – $10.50
Deckorators Vista $4.00 – $5.25 $8.00 – $10.50
Deckorators Vault $4.50 – $5.00 $9.25 – $9.75
Deckorators Frontier $3.75 – $4.50 $7.50 – $9.00
Deckorators Trailhead $3.50 – $4.25 $7.00 – $8.50
Deckorators Tropics $2.25 – $3.50 $4.50 – $7.00
Deckorators Distressed $2.25 – $3.50 $4.50 – $7.00
Composite Railing Panels $15 – $24 per foot N/A
Aluminum Railing Panels $22 – $40 per foot N/A
Post Caps $4 – $50 each N/A
Aluminum Post Sleeves $48 – $60 each N/A
Composite Post Sleeves $50 – $90 each N/A
Cast Stone Post Covers $225 – $300 each N/A
Deck Fascia $9 – $12 per foot N/A
Lighted Caps $70 – $100 each N/A

Deckorators Decking makes a full range of accessories including Deckorators aluminum railing in five styles, cable railing and composite railing. ADA-compliant secondary, graspable railing is available. Post caps are available in pine, cedar, redwood plus plastic or a combination of materials – plus in cast stone (a pigmented concrete product) for their cast stone posts. Post covers are available in composite, aluminum and cast/faux stone.

The faux stone post covers give any deck a next-level appearance, as seen in this 4-minute video on installing them.

Deckorators has a partnership with Lowes in which Lowes sells Deckorators composite deck railing plus an affordable line of Deckorators aluminum railing. All other railing is sold at independent retailers including some online retailers.

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Deckorators Decking: Sample 500 square foot decks prices

Deckorators Perspective Decking Costs and Prices

These price ranges are based on a rectangular deck of about 20 x 25 attached to your home. Two-tier decks, those with odd configurations or when the homeowner wants boards installed diagonally might come with a price tag up to 30% higher. We’ve priced them with and without Deckorators aluminum railing or other railing type. See our list of accessories for the Linear foot cost of Deckorators aluminum railing.

Deckorators Deck Style Deck Rails Substructure Cost per 500 sq. ft. Cost per Sq. Ft.
Voyage No Treated $9,250 – $11,200 $18.50 – $22.40
Vista No Treated $8,750 – $10,650 $17.50 – $21.30
Vault No Treated $8,650 – $10,400 $17.30 – $20.80
Frontier No Treated $8,300 – $10,000 $16.60 – $20.00
Trailhead No Treated $7,950 – $9,625 $16.40 – $19.25
Tropics No Treated $5,800 – $7,000 $11.60 – $14.00
Distressed No Treated $5,700 – $6,875 $11.40 – $13.75
Voyage Yes Treated $10,400 – $12,800 $20.80 – $25.60
Vista Yes Treated $10,200 – $12,300 $20.40 – $24.60
Vault Yes Treated $9,750 – $12,000 $19.50 – $24.00
Frontier Yes Treated $9,500 – $11,750 $19.00 – $23.50
Trailhead Yes Treated $9,100 – $11,600 $18.20 – $23.20
Tropics Yes Treated $6,750 – $8,500 $13.50 – $17.00
Distressed Yes Treated $6,500 – $8,300 $13.00 – $16.60

Maintenance and Warranty

All Deckorators decking products are manufactured to be virtually maintenance-free. A natural or plastic broom or plastic rake can be used to clear debris off of the decking. A garden hose and mild soap are usually sufficient for most spills. For tougher messes, a power washer on the lowest setting with a fan-tipped nozzle can be used.

Deckorators decking comes with one of the decking industry’s best warranties.

The Voyage, Vault, and Frontier collections include a 50-year limited structural performance warranty, a 25-year stain and fade warranty, and a 25-year removal and replacement warranty.

The Vista, Trailhead, Distressed, and Tropics collections come with 25-year limited structural performance warranty, a 25-year stain and fade warranty, and a 25-year removal and replacement warranty (no replacement warranty on Distressed and Tropics).

● The structural warranty covers any splintering, delamination, warping and other structural failures.
● The stain and fade warranty protects the decking from permanent staining due to food and beverages and any fading outside of normal wear.

Where to buy Deckorators Decking

Deckorators decking can be found at independent lumber dealers nationwide. The Voyage, Vault, Frontier, Distressed, and Tropics collections are also available at Lowe’s stores.

Deckorators products can be found through many online retailers, as well. The company’s website allows users to search by zip code to find retailers in their area. Online retailers like the Deck Store Online carry a pretty good selection of Deckorators composite decking. Deckorators aluminum railing is a little harder to find.

Deckorators Decking Installation

Deckorators website provides thorough installation instructions for anyone planning to install their new deck themselves. All deck boards are made with grooved profiles to accommodate hidden fasteners. Matching fascia boards are also available for all decking styles.

It is always a good idea to get deck installation quotes from multiple contractors and to let them know you’re considering multiple installers. Hire a contractor based not only on the cost, but on their experience and customer reviews.

Deckorators Decking Quotes & Prices

Building a Deck – What’s the Return on Investment?

With proper deck care and maintenance, a Deckorators deck will add value to your home. According to a 2020 cost-vs.-value report from Remodeling Magazine, the resale value of a composite deck is approximately 69%. The average cost of a Deckorators deck about 500 square feet is about $9,400. If that’s what you spent, you’d be able to sell your home immediately for an additional $6,486.

You’d lose money – about 31% – right off the bat. So, it isn’t cost-effective to build a deck for the purpose of selling your home. Instead, enjoy your deck – and build it to enhance your lifestyle. If you do sell your home, while you won’t recoup all the money, a Deckorators deck is attractive and might lead to a faster sale.

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