Cable Deck Railing Costs and Prices

Cable Deck Railing Cost & Price Guide

Cable deck railing checks all of the boxes. It keeps everyone safe, maximizes the view and can be quite stylish too. But at $65 to $150 per linear foot for pro installation, it is one of the most expensive deck railing types along with glass deck railing.

Here is an Quick overview of Cable Deck Railing installed prices.

New Cable Deck Railing Installed Cost
Deck Size / Design Average Cost (Installed) Deck Budget Level
10 x 10 Square Deck (30 ft) $1,950 – $4,500 Low
20 x 25 Rectangle Deck (65 ft) $4,225 – $9,750 Medium
Two-tier / Multi-Level Deck (125 ft) $8,125 – $18,750 High-Premium
Cable Deck Railing Estimates

The above deck cost table and other Deck Railing prices in this guide give you a chance to compare costs with other leading deck railing styles.

What is Cable Railing?

Also called cable deck railing and cable wire railing, it is an interesting alternative to standard decks railing made completely from wood, aluminum and composite.

Cable railing systems include posts and top rails made from your other material options. It is the guard rails that are made from high-strength cable, also called braided wire. The cables are usually installed horizontally, but vertical cabling is a slightly more costly option.

Your best long-term option is stainless steel railing, but galvanized cable is available too. Appearance is another factor, as stainless stays brighter longer. Galvanized darkens, and some homeowners prefer it’s more subdued appearance.

Cable Deck Railing Costs & Prices Breakdown

The below deck railing costs table shows you the breakdown of the costs and what you get for the money.

Cable deck railing cost factors are listed to the left. These are not hard-and-fast rules for cost, but they give you an idea of what’s included in Low / Average / High cost tiers.

New Cable Deck Railing Costs
Low Cost Average Cost High Cost
Costs Per foot $40 – $100 $95 – $125 $120 – $150
Quality Average Average to Good Good to Best
Deck Shape Simple Simple or Complex Simple or Complex
Using Existing Post Yes or No No No
New Posts & Rails Steel or Wood Composite, Stainless or Aluminum Aluminum or Stainless
Post Caps None or Basic Basic or Better Best
Deck Railing Installation DIY or Pro Pro Installer Pro Installer
Stair Rail No Yes or No Yes or No
Rail Height 36″ or 42″ 36″ or 42″ 42″
Panel Length 8′ 6′ or 8′ 6′ or 8′
Railing Color Standard Standard or Premium Standard or Premium
Cable Material Galvanized Galvanized or Stainless Stainless
LED Lights No No Yes or No
Gate No No Yes or No
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Cable Deck Railing Brands & Types / Styles

Cable Deck Railing Styles & Designs

The major manufacturers of cable deck railing are Feeney, SkyLine, KeyLink and TimberTech RadianceRail with Feeney cable.

Feeney Deck Railing

Feeney sells aluminum posts in starter, intermediate (middle), corner and end post options. They are powder coated in several colors. Stair rail sections are available at a slightly higher cost than deck panels.

Feeney has all the accessories to complete the project including options for cabling, post caps, base plates and touchup paint. Feeney’s cable tension gauge is a very handy tool to have for pros and DIY homeowners regardless of what brand you select.

Fortress Cable Railing

Fortress Cable Rail is a high-end brand with stainless steel cabling and powder-coated posts and rails in a variety of colors and several attractive series.

Both horizontal and vertical cable panels are offered along with stair panels and prefab steel gates. As with most brands, 36” and 42” heights plus 6’ and 8’ panels are manufactured. All installation supplies and accessories are available from Fortress Rail.

KeyLink Cable Railings

KeyLink sells cable railing components including posts, top rails, stainless steel cable and installation accessories.
While the components needed to create panels cost less than pre-fab panels, installation costs might be more if you hire a professional installer because it will take more time to build your cable deck railing system.

Westbury VertiCable

Westbury VertiCable Railing specializes, as you might guess, in pre-assembled and pre-tensioned panels with vertical cable. Powder-coated colors include 3 stock and 9 special order tones. Panels are all 36” high, and widths include 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’ and 8’. Gates and stair panels are produced too along with all post types needed. This is a mid-priced option.

TimberTech Decking & Railing

TimberTech is a leading manufacturer of composite decking and railing. The company also offers cable railing with composite framing and Feeney stainless steel cabling.

A nice assortment of LED lights is available for posts, risers, stairs and caps at a cost of $40 to $100 each.

Atlantis RailEasy

Another components brand is Atlantis RailEasy. It manufacturers top tubular steel rails with a chrome finish, stainless steel cable and installation accessories.

RailEasy systems can be used with posts of any material including wood, composite and steel. If you have deck rails that need an update or replacement, Atlantis RailEasy is worth considering.

Cable Deck Railing Costs & Prices

Most homeowners choose cable deck railing manufactured in pre-fab panels. Deck Professionals encourage their use over building railing from components too, because the job goes quicker and more smoothly.

However, components allow you to pick and choose which features you prefer and customize the appearance of your deck railings.

With that in mind, here is a Cable Deck Railing Price List of panels, components and installation accessories.

It is followed by sample cable deck railing costs for popularly sized decks.

Deck Railing Items & Accessories Average Retail Cost
Prefab Panels 6′ to 8′ $490 – $850
Prefab Stair Panels $700 – $965
Deck Gates $525 – $800
Posts – End, Middle, Corner $90 – $175
Post Caps – No Lights $10 – $40
Post Caps – With Lights $75 – $125
Rolls of Cable – 100′ $65 – $80
Mounting Hardware per Post $60 – $200
Top Rails and Kits 6′ to 8′ $110 – $400
Accessory Lights $40 – $100
Tension Gauge $130 – $175
Cable Cutter $45 – $60
Tensioning Tool $80 – $125

Cable Deck Railing Quotes for Builders Near Me

Example Cable Railing Costs for common Deck Dimensions

Cable Deck Railing Prices and Costs

The list above shows retail cable deck railing costs for panels and components.

But many homeowners want to know what the installed costs are for their specific deck size and type. Most of these are attached decks with rails on three sides.

Use the Overview Cable Deck Railing Price Table at the top of the page to narrow what you can expect your costs will be based on cost factors.

Deck Size / Layout Linear Feet Average Cost
10 x 10 Square Deck 30 $1,950 – $4,500
15 x 20 Rectangle Deck Shape 50 $3,250 – $7,500
20 x 25 Rectangle Deck 65 $4,225 – $9,750
L-shaped Deck 90 $5,850 – $13,500
Two-tier / Multi-Level Deck 125 $8,125 – $18,750
Deck Stairs – Any Deck Size 16 $1,275 – $2,800

Cable Deck Railing Installation & Labor

Most deck installers charge $15 to $30 per linear foot to install cable deck railing.

The deck railing installation entails:

  • Installing and securing starter, line/middle, corner and end posts (or removing old rails such as wood or composite)
  • If using existing wood posts, drilling holes for the cable
  • Running cable through holes in the posts – and installing ballast posts along the line where required
  • Installing cable seats in end posts
  • Tensioning the cable
  • Installing top rails, caps and accessory lights

The cost of labor to install cable deck railing depends on these factors:

  • Size of the Deck: Larger decks take more labor, of course, but it is common for the price per linear foot to go down as the size of the deck increases.
  • Complexity of the Deck: Square and other rectangular decks have fewer corners and offer easier installation than L-shaped, six-sided and other shaped decks.
  • Who you Hire: If you DIY, then your deck costs will include any tools required to get the job done – usually around $500. When hiring a pro, handyman services usually charge less than deck contractors. But be sure that the installer is experienced with the brand and style of cable deck railing you purchase.
  • Where you Live: Cost of living affects all prices including deck railing installation.
  • Permit Cost: Most decks that require a deck railing also require an inspection to ensure the rail is securely installed for safety. Permits vary by city/county and often are priced by the size of the deck. The bigger the deck, the more railing is needed and the longer it takes to inspect it.
Deck Size / Design Linear Feet Average Cost
10 x 10 Square Deck 30 $550 – $675
15 x 20 Rectangle Deck Design 50 $800 – $1,000
20 x 25 Rectangle Deck Design 65 $975 – $1,300
L-shaped Deck 90 $1,800 – $2,700
Two-tier / Multi-Level Deck 125 $2,500 – $3,100
Deck Stairs – Any Deck Size 16 $320 – $450

DIY vs Deck Railing Installer

Most homeowners don’t have the tools like cable tighteners and tension gauges that it takes to successfully complete a cable deck railing installation. If you don’t get the cables tight, they’ll droop, which affects the appearance. And they likely won’t pass inspection.

While the tools are available and experienced homeowners can complete the job with professional-looking results, hiring an experienced pro makes the best sense for this deck railing project.

Cable Deck Railing Installation Costs

Cable Deck Railing FAQ

Below are commonly asked questions about cable deck railing and their deck railing installation.

Q. What difference does panel length make?

A. Prefab panels cost less per linear foot the longer they are. A product that costs $550 for a 6-foot panel, or about $92 per linear foot, might cost $680 for an 8-foot panel, or about $85 per linear foot.

Q. What’s better, galvanized steel or stainless steel cable?

A. It depends on your budget and the look you want. Galvanized is darker to begin with, and within 10-15 years might show signs of corrosion.

That’s why most cable is stainless steel. It costs close to double, but it won’t corrode and will keep its shiny good looks indefinitely.

Q. Are cable deck railings safe for children and pets?

A. Yes. When properly installed and as tight as they should be, cable provides a very safe railing for anyone.

Q. What are the top brands of cable deck railing?

A. Skyline, Feeney, KeyLink, TimberTech, Atlantis RailEasy, AGS Stainless and Fortress are among the highest rated cable deck railing manufacturers.

Best Cable Deck Railing Prices

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