MoistureShield Deck Cost Guide

MoistureShield Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide

This MoistureShield Deck Cost guide gives you current, accurate prices for this leading deck brand. It includes a detailed parts price list plus costs for total decking projects using each MoistureShield decking line.

MoistureShield manufactures cutting-edge Composite Decking from recycled wood fiber and polyethylene plastic using the most modern decking technology available. In general, installed MoistureShield deck cost ranges from about $9,400 to $18,000 or more based on the decking series you choose, size and configuration of the deck, whether it has rails and stairs and other cost factors.

The three lines of Composite Decking produced by MoistureShield, Elevate, Vantage and Vintage, are described in this Cost Guide.

New MoistureShield Deck Installed Cost
MoistureShield Product Average Cost (Installed) Deck Budget Level
Elevate Decking $9,350 – $12,900 Low-Medium
Vantage Decking $9,900 – $12,850 Low-Medium
Vision Decking $12,500 – $16,700 High
Vision Decking with CoolDeck $13,800 – $18,250 High-Premium
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MoistureShield: The Deck Brand

MoistureShield’s three lines of composite decking are Vision and Elevate (both are “Capped Wood Composite Decking”), and Vantage (“Wood Composite Decking.”) All three lines include fascia boards. Each has residential and commercial applications, though the residential structural warranty (50 years) is significantly longer than the commercial structural warranty (10 years).

MoistureShield Warranty

Did you know? MoistureShield warranties are prorated. This fact takes a little of the shine off the warranty. The residential warranty is 100% the first year and then drops by 2% every year. In year 25, for example, MoistureShield would pay 52% of a claim if a clear manufacturing issue could be determined.

Compare this to the Trex residential warranty. It’s only 25 years, but Trex does not prorate its warranty.

The MoistureShield commercial warranty is also prorated. It’s a 20-year warranty for most commercial applications, but just 10 years for “high traffic” areas such as a boardwalk. MOISTURESHIELD’s residential warranty is transferable. The commercial warranty is not.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind: “Warranties do not cover materials with visible defects once they are installed.” In other words, if quality control fails at the factory, it is up to you to determine if there are “visible” defects upon opening the cases of decking.

Here is the MoistureShield Warranty.

The Core of MoistureShield

MoistureShield claims its decking is among the most innovative, water-resistant deck material available. Why?

Wood fibers encapsulated in plastic create a proprietary product feature MoistureShield calls “Solid Core.” Long lasting, durable, low maintenance Solid Core design prevents warping, rotting, moisture absorption, and insect damage; and is the “only composite decking that can be installed on the ground, in the ground, or underwater without any structural performance issues,” with “zero structural field failures in 30+ years.” That’s an impressive claim; time will tell if it holds true and if MoistureShield pays warranty claims on decking installed in wet areas.

As of now, we have no reason to believe it won’t stand behind its products – and so far, the material has performed very well when used around water.

Keeping its Cool with MoistureShield CoolDeck

MoistureShield CoolDeck technology reduces heat absorption by 35%, compared to decking of similar color. The cap has a slightly reflective coating which won’t cause glare, but it does prevent some of the radiant heat from penetrating into the core and raising the temperature of the decking. You can learn more about it on this page and in this video.

CoolDeck is available on the Vision line only.

Ecofriendly Deck products

All MoistureShield Composite Decking boasts 95% recycled content and may earn “green building rating program” credits (check the laws in your location.) 100% of all wood used is recycled – no trees are cut down.

Extra Deck protection

“Capped” Vision and Elevate boards have a layer of dense resin on top to resist wear, scratches and moisture. The MoistureShield Vantage line of uncapped boards are less expensive but perform well, and include a full 50-year warranty.

MoistureShield Decking Lines

There are three lines. Elevate is an affordable capped decking. MoistureShield claims there have been zero failures of the product in the 30 years since it was introduced. Vantage is an uncapped deck material that costs a little more than Elevate. It is reversible – a smooth side and a woodgrain side give you aesthetic options. Finally, Vision is the premium MoistureShield decking on par with AZEK Vintage, TimberTech Pro Legacy Collection and Fiberon Concordia.


MoistureShield’s strongest capped wood composite decking features scratch- and stain-resistant “DiamondDefense” coating, slip resistance, and a real hardwood look. 1”x6” boards, available in standard lengths, can be grooved or solid-edged. Marine Grade boards are also available. A 50-year structural and limited fade and stain warranties are included. Visio decking can be purchased with or without CoolDeck Technology.

Vision has six color options: Smokey Gray; Spanish Leather; Sandstone; Cathedral Stone; Mochaccino; and Cold brew. The natural wood patterns are deep, distinct, layered, and textured. recently reviewed the MoistureShield Vision line and says, “plenty of class…CoolDeck technology is worth it around the pool and in direct sunlight…slip-resistant decking with a top of the line warranty and recycled content…scratch-resistant…

MoistureShield Vision Deck Colors
MoistureShield Vision Deck Colors


Uncapped composite decking compares favorably to pressure-treated lumber due to SolidCore. No painting, repairs, replacement, or staining are needed, because Vantage is resistant to moisture, warping, and rot. Matte finish and 50-year structural warranty is included. The deck boards of the Vantage line have wood-grain texture on both sides, making them fully reversible and easing installation. Grooved and solid edges are available, as are Marine Grade boards, which are mainly used for docks and similar applications.

Vantage has six color options: Bridle; Cape Cod Gray; Earthtone; Rustic Cedar; Seasoned Mahogany; and Walnut. The natural wood patterns are distinct.

MoistureShield Vantage Deck Colors
MoistureShield Vantage Deck Colors


A budget-minded alternative to Vision, Elevate capped wood composite decking is affordable but beautiful. Elevate offers slip resistance, and different patterns and colors than Vision. Edges may be grooved or solid. Note that Elevate does not include DiamondDefense coating or Marine Grade boards, and the fade and stain warranty is 30 years.

Elevate has four color options: Canoe; Lake Fog; Riverbank; and Alpine Gray. The variegated wood patterns are muted.

MoistureShield President Richard Lankester recently said, “the Elevate line of decking allows contractors and their customers to affordably upgrade to capped composite wood decking and enjoy all of its benefits.”

MoistureShield Elevate Deck Colors
MoistureShield Elevate Deck Colors

MoistureShield Decking Quotes & Estimates

MoistureShield Decking Board Prices & Options

Elevate decking boards cost $8.90 to $9.50 per square foot. They are available in grooved boards of 12’, 16’ and 20’ plus solid 20’ boards.

Vantage board prices are $9.35 to $10.15 per square foot. Grooved boards are produced in 12’, 16’ and 20’ boards while solid comes in 16’ and 20’ options.

Vision decking boards cost $13.65 to $15.90. Options with and without CoolDeck coating are available in grooved boards 12’, 16’ and 20’ and solid boards 16’ and 20’.

Here are current MoistureShield decking prices

Decking Cost/linear ft. Cost/square ft.
MoistureShield Elevate $4.50 – $5.15 $8.90 – $9.50
MoistureShield Vantage $4.95 – $5.50 $9.35 – $10.15
MoistureShield Vision $6.85 – $7.30 $13.65 – $14.25
MoistureShield Vision with CoolDeck $7.45 – $8.30 $14.75 – $15.90
Deck Fascia $12.25 – $13.00 $12.25 – $13.00
Top Rail Only MoistureShield does not make other deck accessories.
Post Caps
Post Sleeves
Lighted Caps

MoistureShield Sample 500 Square Foot Deck Projects

MoistureShield Composite Decking Costs and Prices

Cost factors include the material you choose, size and shape of the deck, whether or not it is elevated and cost of living in your area. The below chart shows the installed MoistureShield deck prices.

Deck Product Substructure Average Cost Cost/square ft.
MoistureShield Elevate Treated $9,350 – $12,900 $18.70 – $25.80
MoistureShield Vantage Treated $9,900 – $12,850 $19.80 – $25.70
MoistureShield Vision Treated $12,500 – $16,700 $25.00 – $33.40
MoistureShield Vision w/ CoolDeck Treated $13,800 – $18,250 $27.60 – $36.50

MoistureShield Decking Quotes & Estimates

Is a Deck a Good Investment?

If you are investing in your lifestyle, then yes, a composite deck is an excellent choice. While it will cost more than a treated or cedar deck, the investment will pay off in more enjoyment and less maintenance.

From a strictly cost perspective, it doesn’t make sense to build a deck with resale in mind. Remodeling Magazine pegs the cost to value, aka return on investment, at about 67% for a composite deck while a wood deck is at 72%. You can improve that number by DIY. If you do, here is the Installation Guide.

Spend $10,000 on a composite deck when hiring a contractor for the work (recommended), and presumably you could sell your home for $6,700 more tomorrow. You’ll lose money. So, our recommendation is to build a deck for your enjoyment, and while you won’t recoup all your money if you sell, you’ll get some back, and it will probably allow you to sell your home more quickly.

Another recommendation is to get deck estimates from several deck contractors in your area. Our free partner service allows you to do this quickly and conveniently by filling out the simple form. Then, compare deck pricing and learn about each contractor through online Google and BBB reviews before choosing the right company for your deck job.

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