TimberTech Deck Cost

TimberTech Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide

TimberTech decking is on the short list for most homeowners as they consider composite decking brands for their outdoor living project.

Contractors often recommend it to because it beautifully mimics the rich texture of wood, offers durable quality and is backed by very good warranties.

The company makes three lines: TimberTech Pro, TimberTech Edge and TimberTech AZEK. This guide covers Edge and Pro, which are wood composite decking in “basic and better” grades.

We’ve reviewed TimberTech AZEK all-PVC decking in a separate guide. AZEK is considered, at least in terms of cost, as TimberTech’s best decking.

You might also benefit from our Trex Decking Cost Review and a review of Fiberon Decking Costs too.

The below table covers a basic cost overview of the TimberTech deck products for the various budget ranges, other items can also alter the cost of your deck e.g. Deck Layout, Deck Size and deck railing, we also include a more a detailed TimberTech deck prices tables further down in this article, which will show the break down of the more individual costs for your deck.

New TimberTech Deck Installed Cost
TimberTech Deck Product Average Cost (Installed) Budget Level
Edge Prime & Premier $3,950 – $4,750 Low
Pro Terrain & Tropical Collections $6,100 – $7,500 Medium
Pro Legacy Collection $7,700 – $7,950 High-Premium
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TimberTech: The Brand

TimberTech is an AZEK Company brand. Headquartered in Chicago, AZEK calls itself, “an industry leader of premium building products that replace traditional materials and provide value through lower maintenance, refined aesthetics and reduced total cost.”

We read that to mean AZEK/TimberTech replace genuine wood materials, as far as decking is concerned, with decking made from recycled wood and resins or from recycled PVC plastic.

Recycled Content: TimberTech says that its products contain “up to 95% recycled content” with the goal of changing “up to” to “at least” in the next few years. To that end, AZEK/TimberTech opened its own plastics recycling plant in 2019 with expected output of 55 million pounds of recycled plastic.

TimberTech production facilities are also re-fitted to more efficiently use electricity, heat, air conditioning and water. The company claims that 1 million+ trees have been saved through using recycled rather than virgin wood.

Global Sales: TimberTech decking is sold in more than 55 countries around the world. Uses TimberTech decking is used for standard deck construction, above ground pool decks, gazebos and similar projects, TimberTech Decks can also be referenced or known as “Tech Decks“.

TimberTech Pro and Edge Lines

These are TimberTech’s composite decking brands. AZEK is pure PVC.

As noted, from a price standpoint, these are Basic and Better lines, AZEK being the most expensive line.

The lines are discussed here. A pricing table for comparison is below.

Basic TimberTech Decking: Edge

This is the most affordable TimberTech decking. What reduces cost is that it is capped on three sides – top and both sides, but not on the bottom of each plank. Pro is capped on all four sides.

Capped? The cap is a layer of dense, very tough resin material that resists wear, scratches, gouges and moisture penetration.

It is crucial to have the top and sides capped, for obvious reasons. Leaving the bottom of the planks uncapped saves cost while having only a slight impact on durability.

TimberTech Edge is available in two lines: Prime and Premier.

Edge Prime is the most affordable TimberTech decking.

Edge Premier is a slightly higher grade of TimberTech Edge composite decking.

Edge Collection Premier Prime+ Prime
Texture TimberTech Edge Premier TimberTech Edge Prime+ TimberTech Edge Prime


  • Prime is currently made in two colors, a rich reddish brown and a dark gray.
  • Premier comes in 4 colors – the same two offered in Prime plus a sandy buff and a lighter gray.

Features: Capped on three sides with a 100% synthetic, waterproof layer. The cap also easily repels stains, since it is plastic and non-absorbent.

Board Profiles: Both TimberTech Edge Prime and Premier boards are 5.36 inches wide.

You have two plank style options.

Squared shoulder planks are produced in 16’ and 20’ lengths. Grooved planks are available in 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths.

Accessories: 12”x12’ deck fascia and 7.25”x12’ stair risers are available in both lines.

Warranty: 25-year Fade & Stain warranty. 25-year residential and 10-year Structural warranty.

Better TimberTech Decking: Pro

This is the better of the two wood composite lines. Price ranges from slightly less than AZEK to about the same, depending on the line.

TimberTech Pro decking is capped on all four sides for better moisture protection. For that reason, plus richer texturing and color variegation in some lines, makes the cost higher than TimberTech Edge.

Pro Collection Legacy Reserve Terrain
Texture TimberTech Pro Legacy TimberTech Pro Reserve TimberTech Pro Terrain

Colors: There are three collections in the Pro decking.

  • Terrain ($$) has dual-embossed wood grain pattern. It is made in two variegated/blended and three monochromatic/single colors.
  • Tropical ($$) features a “cathedral” wood grain pattern. You have four variegated color choices.
  • Legacy ($$$) shows, according to TimberTech, “Infinitely-variable wood grain pattern with hand-scraped finish.” It is manufactured in seven variegated colors. TimberTech says, “No two boards are alike.” This premium color variegation accounts for the higher cost.

Note: As you shop or search for TimberTech Pro decking, you might see them marketed as the Terrain Collection by TimberTech, Tropical Collection by TimberTech and the Legacy Collection by TimberTech.

Features: Capped on all side with tough polymer to resist moisture.

Board Profiles: The two profiles are full and scalloped. The scalloped or grooved boards are slightly lighter and easier to work with. They also allow for the use of concealed fasteners.

Board Profile – Full Board Profile – Scalloped
TimberTech Board Profile - Full TimberTech Board Profile - Scalloped

Accessories: Several fastening options including concealed fasteners.

TimberTech Edge fascia and risers are typically used with Pro decking.

Warranties: 30-year Fade & Stain warranty. 30-year Structural warranty. For commercial use, there is a 10-year Structural warranty.

TimberTech Pro and Edge Decking Costs

When discussing material costs for your deck, there is more to consider than just the price of the decking boards. Those boards are attached to a deck frame that is typically made of pressure-treated lumber.

Whether your deck will have rails and stairs must be considered. Of course, fasteners and other supplies like concrete for securing posts, if needed, must be included.

TimberTech Pro and Edge Pricing Table

TimberTech Decking Prices Cost/linear ft.
Cost/square ft.
Edge Prime $2.40 – $2.65 $5.70 – $6.50
Edge Premier $3.10 – $3.25 $6.85 – $7.50
Pro Terrain $3.35 – $4.05 $8.75 – $9.35
Pro Tropical $4.90 – $5.35 $11.15 – $12.00
Pro Legacy $5.80 – $6.35 $12.35 – $13.50
TimberTech Deck Accessories
Railing Kits $24 – $31 per foot N/A
Top Rail Only $12 – $14 per foot N/A
Post Caps $11 – $15 each N/A
Post Sleeves $5 – $7 each N/A
Deck Fascia $9 – $12 per foot N/A

*To determine deck board cost per square foot, multiply the width times the length and divide by 144 to get the number of square feet in the board. Then divide board cost by square feet.

This section does not address labor cost to build a deck when hiring a contractor or handyman service. You’ll find information about deck labor costs in the Sample Projects below.

Free Deck Estimate

TimberTech Decking Prices: Sample 500 Square Foot Decks

TimberTech Legacy Tigerwood Deck

This is where we put complete TimberTech deck estimates together for the materials and the labor.

Most deck contractors charge $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot for a deck with a pressure-treated substructure.

Labor cost factors include:

  • Whether the deck has rails and stairs – which can increase total cost as much as 40%
  • Specific decking line used
  • Choice of accessories
  • Difficulty of the deck design
  • The terrain and other site factors affect cost.
TimberTech Deck Product Grade Deck Rails Substructure Complexity Average Cost Cost / Sq. Ft.
Pro Legacy Collection Premium No Treated Easy to Average $7,700 – $7,950 $15.40 – $16.00
Pro Terrain & Tropical Collections Mid-Grade No Treated Easy to Average $6,100 – $7,500 $12.50 – $15.00
Edge Prime & Premier Entry-Level No Treated Easy to Average $3,950 – $4,750 $7.90 – $9.50
Pro Legacy Collection Premium No Treated Ave. to Difficult $8,000 – $9,300 $16.00 – $18.60
Pro Terrain & Tropical Collection Mid-Grade No Treated Ave. to Difficult $7,600 – $8,450 $15.20 – $16.90
Edge Prime & Premier Entry-Level No Treated Ave. to Difficult $4,800 – $5,500 $9.60 – $11.00
Pro Legacy Collection Premium Yes Treated Easy to Average $9,950 – $11,300 $19.90 – $22.60
Pro Terrain & Tropical Collection Mid-Grade Yes Treated Easy to Average $7,900 – $9,000 $15.80 – $18.00
Edge Prime & Premier Entry-Level Yes Treated Easy to Average $5,100 – $6,150 $10.20 – $12.30
Pro Legacy Collection Premium Yes Treated Ave. to Difficult $11,550 – $13,350 $23.10 – $26.70
Pro Terrain & Tropical Collection Mid-Grade Yes Treated Ave. to Difficult $9,200 – $11,450 $18.40 – $22.90
Edge Prime & Premier Entry-Level Yes Treated Ave. to Difficult $6,100 – $7,275 $12.20 – $14.55

Timbertech Deck Builders Near Me Estimates

TimberTech offers a deck cost calculator on its site.

Our costs are higher than some of theirs because we factor in difficult installation issues.

How to Get the Best Price on a TimberTech Deck

If you’re going to hire pros for the work, it’s always good to get three or more estimates from deck contractors that know they’re competing.

Learn about each company you’re considering. Read online reviews, for example, or check their standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Make sure the deck contractors you talk with are licensed and insured for your protection.

The low bid might not be the best bid to take, because it might not meet these criteria. The “sweet spot” is to find an experienced deck contractor with fair pricing and a track record of quality craftsmanship and responsiveness to customer concerns.

Free TimberTech Deck Estimate

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