TimberTech AZEK Deck Cost Guide

TimberTech AZEK Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide

Our TimberTech AZEK Deck Cost guide provides a thorough and concise guide to the Prices & Costs for TimberTech AZEK decking ranges, with an overview of the brand and their history. The average cost of an installed AZEK deck ranges from $8,750 to $16,500 +, these prices vary depending on the type of deck size, deck design and decking material, also where you live in the U.S can also affect the prices.

This is a basic cost overview of the Azek deck products for your budget ranges, various other things can also change the cost e.g. Size of the deck and deck railing can also increase prices, further down in our article you can see our Azek deck pricing tables, where you will be able see the more individual costs for your home deck.

New Azek Deck Installed Cost
Azek Deck Product Average Cost (Installed) Budget Level
Azek Harvest $8,950 – $12,300 Low
Azek Arbor $10,500 – $13,550 Medium
Azek Vintage $11,900 – $13.800 High-Premium
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About Azek Decking

As a brand, Azek Decking is now connected to TimberTech, which, the company boasts, has changed the direction of Azek to be “even more customer-focused” than before.

Options: Azek, now that it is conjoined with TimberTech, consists of more decking styles, colors, and designs, “all to help you create the most amazing outdoor living space.” With its available resources and decking feature packages, Azek is among the top decking brands on the market. Azek decking price is also above average.

Recycled material: Azek has set out to replace the traditional deck materials, such as wood and metal, with a sturdy synthetic plastic that is more environmentally friendly.

As a whole, customers are pleased with using Azek, sharing how their decks still look new a year later–by which time cheap wood might start to appear weathered. Because of customer satisfaction and how easy it is to work with the material, even deck contractors express their appreciation Azek’s PVC.

Homeowners are assured foot safety (Azek’s materials cannot splinter), a limited lifetime warranty, and easy deck maintenance. For more on the warranty and maintenance, see “Deck Styles” and “Azek Decking Line” below.

 See this link on how Azek PVC compares with wood and wood composite.

Azek Decking Styles

Azek has three specific decking styles to choose from: Vintage, Arbor, and Harvest. All three are comprised of capped polymer (recycled polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which is a plastic that has the appearance of wood) with various grain options to offer a unique look for a homeowner’s choice deck. For customer satisfaction, Azek also pledges a 50-year fade and stain warranty.

Capped polymer is made to be long-lasting, and therefore resistant to staining, fading, scratching, and denting. It is also satisfactory in hot weather, as it dissipates the heat faster than wood or capped composite decking.

Below is a list of the current deck color options available for each Azek Deck style (subject to change):

TimberTech AZEK Decking Colors Azek Deck Color Chart
Vintage Deck Colors:

  • Cypress
  • Dark hickory
  • Mahogany
  • Azek vintage coastline (gray)
  • English walnut
  • Weathered teak
TimberTech AZEK Decking Colors

  • Brazilian walnut
  • Morado
  • Island Oak
  • Autumn chestnut
  • Hazelwood
  • Mountain redwood
  • Silver oak
TimberTech AZEK Decking Arbor Colors

  • Brownstone
  • Slate gray
  • Kona (only for square-shoulder boards)


TimberTech AZEK Decking Harvest

Azek Decking Line

Azek is a premium brand through TimberTech, which means it does not use the Good-Better-Best tiered quality options common with other leading brands. All its lines are considered in the “Best” category – and with the quality comes the higher cost of Azek decking.

Maintenance: PVC is relatively low maintenance, only requiring a periodic cleaning to retain the original beauty of the deck. For optimal cleaning, Azek recommends using a hose or power washer with its TimberTech DeckCleaner and a stiff, natural fiber brush. The cleaner should be used for spot cleaning, being thoroughly rinsed from each area before moving onto the next.

For more on Azek deck maintenance, refer to this site.

Azek Decking Board Sizes

Azek has two board options—grooved boards and square-shoulder boards—and three board widths to choose from:

  1. Narrow (3.5 inches)
  2. Standard (5.5 inches)
  3. Wide (7.25 inches)

All deck boards are a standard 1 inch thick, and are available in different lengths and widths, depending on the decking board style.

Vintage: Narrow and Wide widths are only available in square-shoulder boards, which are made 12, 16, and 20 feet long. Standard width decking boards are available in both grooved boards and square-shoulder boards. The grooved boards are 12, 16, and 20 feet in length, whereas the square-shoulder boards only available in 16 and 20 feet.

Arbor: This style only comes in Standard width. The groove boards are made 12, 16, and 20 feet long, and the square-shoulder boards are available in 16 and 20 feet in length.

Harvest: Only comes in a Standard width, and both groove boards and square-shoulder boards are available in 12, 16, and 20 feet in length.

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Decking Board Prices

PVC decking can vary in pricing depending on the square footage required. Cost is higher than for pressure-treated deck material but not as expensive as exotic woods like ipe or teak.

  • Azek’s Vintage styles ranges from $11.90 and $14.50 per sq. ft
    The average cost for Azek’s Vintage style, for all available widths (narrow 3.5 in., standard 5.5 in., and wide 7.25 in.) and lengths (12 ft., 16 ft., and 20 ft.) ranges from $11.80 and $14.40 per sq. ft.
  • Azek’s Arbor style ranges from $12.00 and $14.00 per sq. ft
    The average cost for Azek’s Arbor style, for all available width and length sizes, ranges from $11.00 and $13.00 per sq. ft.
  • Azek’s Harvest style average cost of $4.25 to $12.70 per sq. ft. for all available sizes
    The Harvest style has an average cost of  ranging from $9.00 to $12.25 per square foot for all the sizes available.

These are just decking board costs. They do not include the pressure-treated substructure, fasteners and other installation materials or rails and stairs, if included. See Total Project Costs below for full Azek deck costs.

Decking Cost/linear ft. Cost/square ft.
Azek Harvest $4.75 – $5.25 $9.45 – $12.70
Azek Arbor $5.80 – $6.35 $12.00 – $14.00
Azek Vintage $6.50 – $7.00 $11.90 – $14.50
Railing Kits $30 – $45 per foot N/A
Top Rail Only $16 – $20 per foot N/A
Post Caps $14 – $18 each N/A
Post Sleeves $10 – $15 each N/A
Deck Fascia $9 – $12 per foot N/A
Lighted Caps $100 each N/A

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Azek Decking Prices: Sample 500 Square Foot Decks

Here are Azek deck costs for sample jobs with and without deck railings.

The chart shows installed deck costs, so pricing includes materials, deck installation supplies and labor costs.

Product Deck Rails Substructure Average Cost Cost/sq. ft.
Azek Harvest No Treated $8,950 – $12,300 $17.50 – $24.00
Azek Arbor No Treated $10,500 – $13,550 $20.00 – $26.00
Azek Vintage No Treated $11,900 – $13.800 $22.75 – $27.50
Azek Harvest Yes Treated $11,850 – $15,000 $23.50 – $30.00
Azek Arbor Yes Treated $13,000 – $16,725 $26.00 – $33.25
Azek Vintage Yes Treated $14,350 – $16,500 $28.50 – $37.00

Depending on the nuances for your deck project, here are some additional cost factors to consider:

  • Deck Railings (glass or wood)
  • Stairs
  • Deck fascia
  • TimberTech DeckCleaner
  • Wooden/retractable canopy

For homeowner’s convenience, TimberTech Azek also provides this decking calculator to determine the total cost for any and all unique deck choices.

Achieving the Best Price for TimberTech AZEK Decks

In the case that you plan on having your deck professionally installed, here are a few helpful tips for achieving the most affordable price:

  1. Ask more than one deck contractor for a quote on the deck. Comparing quotes will allow you to navigate the best prices for the type of deck and deck features you are looking for.
  2. Tell the professional deck contractors that they are competing for work. This way, they will be less likely to take shortcuts or over-price you.
  3. Do not settle on the cheapest bidder without first looking into the company’s quality of work. The lowest quote may be tempting, but it could mean that the quality of the deck is lacking. In this case, the cheap price will feel nice at first, but the deck may not look up to your standards, and it may cost you more in the long run due to unforeseen issues.

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Get the Most Value Out of Your Deck

Adding a deck to the house will increase the value of the house, presuming the deck is properly cared for. If the homeowner has the space and desire, building a deck can be in the homeowner’s best interest.

However, a word for the wise: while a deck does add value to the house, some may think that a deck addition just prior to selling the house will mean more profit on the sale. This is not the case.

The most recent national Cost to Value survey from Remodeling Magazine pegs the ROI of a composite deck at 69%. If you spend $20,000 on an Azek deck, you can expect the project to increase your home’s potential sale price by about $13,900. You’ll lose money if you sell the house immediately.

So, build a deck for your enjoyment. If you do sell your home at some future point, a good-looking TimberTech Azek deck will certainly be a selling point.

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