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There are several different types, styles and kinds of home deck for your outdoor space. With so many choices to select from it can be hard to know where to start for your deck installation. In this section of the Deck Cost Guide website you will find our guides on all of the most common types of decking material (e.g Aluminum, PVC), decking brands (e.g. TimberTech, Azek) and by decking type (Elevated Deck, Pool Deck). To make things really easy for you, we’ve included the common considerations, advantages, disadvantages, deck costs, maintenance and FAQ for each type of decking material, brand and type.

The following list is updated on a regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page and come back soon for more deck types and options.

Deck Guides By Deck Brand

Our Deck Cost guides by popular Decking brands, including brand information, individual pros and cons, then give a breakdown of prices and labor costs for each decking range offered by each brand.

Deckorators Deck Cost Guide

Deckorators Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide

This installation and price guide will give you a comprehensive overview of the Deckorators Composite Decking, products, and cost of materials and installation. Deckorators decks generally average between $5,700 to ...
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DuraLife Deck Cost Guide

DuraLife Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide

Our DuraLife Decking cost guide will provide you with a thorough overview of the DuraLife brand, their product lines, and cost for deck materials and installation. The average cost of ...
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Fiberon Deck Cost Guide Details

Fiberon Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide

About Fiberon Decking Fiberon Decking began in 1997, selling composite decking and decking features, and it has been perfecting its business since. The company has a history of being the ...
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MoistureShield Deck Cost Guide

MoistureShield Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide

This MoistureShield Deck Cost guide gives you current, accurate prices for this leading deck brand. It includes a detailed parts price list plus costs for total decking projects using each ...
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TimberTech AZEK Deck Cost Guide

TimberTech AZEK Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide

Our TimberTech AZEK Deck Cost guide provides a thorough and concise guide to the Prices & Costs for TimberTech AZEK decking ranges, with an overview of the brand and their ...
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TimberTech Deck Cost Guide

TimberTech Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide

TimberTech decking is on the short list for most homeowners as they consider composite decking brands for their outdoor living project. Contractors often recommend it to because it beautifully mimics ...
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Trex Deck Cost Guide

Trex Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide

Our Trex Deck Cost guide will supply and in-depth guide to the Prices & Costs for all the Trex decking ranges, we will also provide an overview of the Trex ...
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Wolf Deck Cost Guide

Wolf Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide

Our Wolf Decking cost guide will provide you with a thorough overview of the Wolf deck brand, their various product lines, and cost for materials and installation. The average cost ...
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Deck Guides By Deck Material

Our Decking Material Cost guides relate to popular material used for your home decks, including deck material information, individual advantages and disadvantages for each deck material, also we include costs and labor prices for each decking material and their installation.

Aluminum Deck Cost Guide

Aluminum Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide

Aluminum decking is a premium decking material that lasts indefinitely. The best products are coated to make the deck slip resistant and quiet. There’s no metallic “ping” with high-quality coated aluminum decking. Most aluminum planks feature a built-in water control ...
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Cedar Deck Cost Guide

Cedar Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide

Cedar decking remains a top choice for decks due to a combination of compelling factors. Cedar: Is very attractive Has natural moisture-resistant qualities Readily accepts stain and sealer Is an affordable deck material While pressure treated wood decks are the ...
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Composite Deck Cost Guide

Composite Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide

A Composite deck is produced to mimic the look of wood in color and texture without the maintenance challenges wood presents. In recent years, composite has become popular with homeowners because it requires little or no maintenance, looks fantastic for decades ...
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Ipe Tropical Wood Deck Cost Guide

Ipe Tropical Hardwood Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide

Several species of tropical hardwood are outstanding deck materials, and none is more enthusiastically received than ipe. Pronounced epay (rhymes with eBay), ipe is incredibly dense and hard, resistant to insects and rot and, best of all, is simply gorgeous ...
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PT Lumber Deck Cost Guide

Pressure Treated Lumber Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide

Pressure treated lumber remains the number one material for deck construction because it has the right combination of: Handsome wood appearance Low cost Excellent durability Did you know that many decks finished with other materials have frames built of pressure ...
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PVC Deck Cost Guide

PVC / Plastic Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide

PVC plastic decking is a faux wood decking material complete with woodgrain texturing and available in a limited range of colors and styles. It is made to give your deck the look of natural wood without the issues wood can ...
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Redwood Deck Cost Guide

Redwood Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide

In terms of percentage, redwood isn’t the most widely used deck material. However, in terms of beauty, a redwood deck is unsurpassed. A redwood deck is one that is finished in redwood – meaning the decking, stairs, rails and accessories ...
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Tigerwood Deck Cost Guide

Tigerwood Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide

Tigerwood Hardwood decks are trending among discriminating homeowners because they are gorgeous, durable and more affordable than you might realize. For less than the cost of a composite deck, your home can be outfitted with the stunning addition of a ...
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Deck Guides By Deck Type

Our Decking Type Cost guides are for popular deck types and deck designs (e.g Elevated decks, Pool decking). Which include things to consider when choosing the right deck for your home, also the individual advantages and disadvantages of your chosen deck design or deck type, then we give example prices and labor estimates for each decking type and frequently asked questions.

Deck Railing And Handrail Code Cost Guide

Deck Railing & Handrails Cost Guide

Within this Deck Guide we explain the deck railing types, deck railing styles, pros and cons and the Handrail codes standards that will need to met to allow a safe environment ...
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Pool Decking Installation Cost Guide

Pool Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide

Within this Pool Deck cost guide, we highlight all the costs and common deck materials for the decking around your pool, including inground deck pools or above ground pool with ...
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Elevated Deck Cost Guide

Elevated Decks Installation Cost & Price Guide

Elevated decks maximize your enjoyment of outdoor space around your home. They’re especially popular on houses with a walkout basement, ...
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Multi-Level Deck Cost Guide

Multi-Level Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide

Multi-level deck design allows you to use your outdoor space to best advantage. Add a secluded upper deck outside a ...
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